New Palestine 101 video!
November 29, 2017

Have you ever heard anyone say that the issue of Palestine/Israel is “complicated?” We have, and now there is a video to…

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Zionism: In Their Own Words
November 9, 2017

It’s not just about occupation. It’s about Zionism. This past June, when we marked 50 years of Israel’s occupation of the…

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Israel Cannot Faithwash and Pinkwash Its Image
October 4, 2017

As solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice, and equality expands across the globe, Israel and its allies have attempted…

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You Have to Know Your Rights
September 26, 2017

Free speech has been a major topic of discussion across the country these past weeks, from the crackdown on NFL players…

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Webinar: Debunking the Myth of Citizenship in the U.S. & Israel
August 17, 2017

The violent events last weekend in Charlottesville, VA were tragic reminders of the grave threat posed by the ideology of white…

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Join Virtual Delegation to Palestine
July 26, 2017

In July, Israel banned human rights supporters from traveling with an interfaith delegation to Palestine/Israel. While five were banned, the rest…

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Ten years. Can you imagine?
June 15, 2017

10 years ago, Israel closed its borders with the Gaza Strip, intensifying restrictions that had long been in place targeting the…

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No Bans on Stolen Lands
June 13, 2017

In January, outraged liberals and progressives nationwide took to the streets and airports to protest Donald Trump’s #MuslimBan targeting refugees, immigrants,…

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