USCPR Responds to UN Security Council’s Ceasefire Resolution 

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, March 25, 2025—This morning, the United Nations Security Council adopted a binding resolution that demands an immediate pause in Gaza during the remainder of Ramadan, leading to a lasting sustainable ceasefire.

This is the first UNSC resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza that the U.S. did not veto, but rather abstained, since the beginning of October 2023. Notably, the U.S. changed the resolution’s language to use “lasting ceasefire” instead of “permanent ceasefire”—which makes it all the more important to keep demanding a permanent ceasefire now.

In retaliation for the U.S.’s vote, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has canceled the Israeli delegation to the White House today, and Israeli Defense Minister Gallant announced that Israel will defy the resolution and continue the genocide.


“Today, the nonstop organizing of our movement forced the U.S. government to finally stop blocking a ceasefire at the UN Security Council. We’ve reached a tipping point, in which the U.S. can no longer deny the calls for a ceasefire from the American public. However, Israel has already defied the binding resolution and vowed to continue its genocidal attacks. The U.S. has a moral and legal obligation to make Israel comply with this resolution, to suspend all U.S. weapons transfers to Israel, and to demand that this immediate pause be extended into a permanent and total ceasefire. The Israeli military must immediately cease its attacks, allow all humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, and allow all Palestinians expelled from their homes to return. 

For 171 days, Palestinians in Gaza have faced the worst massacres, including catastrophic forced starvation, mass executions, rape, and torture. Palestinians should not be forced to endure another minute of these gruesome atrocities. This resolution is a call for us to push all the harder, to endure for our Palestinian people, and to honor the 40,000 martyrs already massacred in this genocide.

For the last five months, pressure from globally conscious people around the world have shown electeds that we hold the power. Our calls will only grow louder as the masses keep rising up together for a free Palestine.”


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