Grassroots Advocacy Toolkit: Taking Your People Power to Congress

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From the U.S. to Palestine, people of conscience are moving to action, rising against injustice and repression. Right now, the response from our policymakers is to be largely complicit in Israeli oppression and the perpetuation of the separate-and-unequal apartheid status quo. It’s on us, as people of conscience, to generate long-term momentum for campaigns whose discourse and goals push towards freedom, justice, and equality. At USCPR, we ground our approach to building justice for all in the strategic wisdom and deep ethic of building a united, cross-community progressive front against oppression.

Rooting our work in grassroots organizing and building strategic grassroots advocacy starts with you! Explore the grassroots advocacy toolkit below, or download a PDF version, to equip yourself with the tools you need to move your members of Congress towards supporting Palestinian rights.

Download Our Guide to Grassroots Congressional Advocacy

Know Your Member of Congress’ Record on Palestinian Rights

Knowledge is power! Use our Palestinian rights-focused directory of members of Congress to see where your representatives and senators stand on congressional initiatives relating to Palestinian rights and freedom, justice, and equality.

Speak Up: Contact Congress

As a constituent, your voice matters—elected officials are supposed to answer to you! Use the tools below to find out who your members of Congress are and to ask them to take action on key issues of Palestinian rights, like protecting our right to boycott in protest of Israel’s brutal human rights violations against the Palestinian people, or ending our taxpayer dollars going towards the Israeli military detention of Palestinian children.

Lobbying: What You Need to Know to Make an Ask

Now that you know who your member of Congress is, you can set up a meeting with their office. Maximize your impact and time with the tips below. Use our messaging guides and FAQs to be prepared to talk about the issue of Palestinian rights in a succinct and informed way. Bonus: Use the Not My Tax Dollars map to find out exactly how much people in your city or state are paying for weapons to Israel through federal tax dollars, and what resources could be funded instead.

Be Informed: Summaries of Key Legislation

When you’re thinking about what asks to make to your members of Congress, consider tying it to pending legislation. Learn about the different bills and resolutions pertaining to Palestine.

Speak Truth to Power: Mobilizing at Town Halls

Town halls are one of the best opportunities for grassroots activists to make Palestinian rights an issue in Congress. Find town halls with your elected officials with the Town Hall Project. From the powerfully worded questions that got Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to drop the Israel Anti-Boycott Act to the raucous public opposition activists organized at Sen. Ben Cardin’s town hall opposing the bill, town halls are often places where the narrative on Palestine is shifted!