End U.S. Military Funding to Israel

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It’s clear—the United States is the Israeli military’s greatest funder and enabler. Every year, the U.S. government writes Israel a blank check for at least $3.8 billion to fund Israel’s violence against the Palestinian people. Rather than using those funds to provide for communities in need here, our government uses taxpayer dollars to enable the Israeli military to kill Palestinians, destroy their homes, and steal their native land.

But we know that this doesn’t have to be the only way. We know that if we collectively rise, we can stop the funding of state violence. We know that Palestine will never be free, until we are all free. 

That’s why USCPR is launching our long-term campaign to end U.S. military funding to Israel, “Palestine Will be Free: #StopArmingIsrael & Fund Our Communities.” We must demand that our government put an end to funding state violence, and instead begin supporting our communities. 

Funding the Future of Communities

That means funding what our communities really need—healthcare, community-led safety resources, housing, education, and environmental protection. The U.S. government must stop funding violent systems that harm our communities, by defunding the police, abolishing ICE, and ending U.S. military funding to Israel. This country has more than enough resources to care for all people, especially communities of color, as we reimagine the future, as we reimagine what it really means to transform our communities. 

That’s why our hope is to build enough political power in Congress to #StopArmingIsrael, and pass a bill to demand the end to funding the Israeli apartheid state.

See what the future looks like when we #StopArmingIsrael and fund the resources our communities really need. Check out our interactive U.S. Military Funding to Israel map here.

Uplifting the People’s Demands

We know that communities of color across the U.S. have brought attention to state violence, time and time again, to educate the public on just how harmful these systems have been to people of color. Our hope is to uplift the demands of the Black, Indigenous, and all other marginalized communities who have been seeking funding for resources that will strengthen, not harm, their communities. 

This campaign will both educate and provide people with the tools to advocate for the critical needs of their communities. It will remind the people of the U.S. that we must stop enabling military occupations abroad, and instead dedicate our financial resources to the communities that really need them, including the communities most harmed by state violence.

Tell Congress to stop arming Israel and fund our communities. Email your member of Congress now!

Building Toward Justice

Justice and liberation are only possible if we end the funding of all forms of state violence. In this crucial moment, as the percentage of American people who support the Palestinian people is at an all time high, we must remind our Congress members that they can do the right thing.

That’s why USCPR is creating action tools and resources to help you reach out to your representatives and local community members. Our hope is to support the many voices who’ve been here long before us, and will be here long after us.

Want to support our work? You can make a donation to offset the negative impact of your taxes and power the movement for Palestinian liberation.

Stay tuned for our latest updates on the campaign and connect with us if you have any questions.