COVID-19 Organizing Toolkit


Updated April 22, 2020

As organizers building a better world with justice for all people, we know that times of great social crisis must be transformed into moments of great possibility. Inspired by generations of resilient organizers, the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) national organizing and advocacy staff created this toolkit for local Palestinian rights organizers wrestling with the challenges of this moment.

In this toolkit, you will find resources to care for your communities, build people power using digital tools, and connect struggles from the U.S. to Palestine. We welcome your additions:

Many individuals and organizations put together indispensable resources listed here, among them 350All Things Not Considered by Ileana HagenahEquality LabsIrresistible (fkw Healing Justice Podcast)Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), MASA Organizing, PowerLabsWar Resisters League, and Win Without War.

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Organizing In Our Communities & COVID-19

In this time of instability, community organizers are meeting big challenges with even bigger solutions. The resources below cover organizing in this moment and connecting with other organizers, and articulate demands to defend our communities. In particular, you can boost the demands and connect them to a vision of justice for all, from the U.S. to Palestine.

Grant Opportunities

Caring for Our Communities: Tips & Tools for Staying Social During Social Distancing

With new technology and existing community-building practices, we can bridge physical distance to continue deepening the powerful community roots that allow our movements to thrive. Use this moment to invest even more deeply in community connections, care, and healing.

For People Living With Chronic Illness & Disability

Multilingual Resources

For AAPI Communities

For Muslim Communities

For Sikh Communities

For Jewish Communities

For Undocumented Communities

For Unhoused People

For Drug Users

For Survivors

For Kids

Consider hosting community events over video call to keep up morale, stay connected, and build the connective people power we need! Making this connection most meaningful and sustaining usually means making new memories together, rather than just catching up or reminiscing. Suggested activities are below!

How to Build People Power Digitally During COVID-19

Despite being unable to meet in person, our organizing is still vital. The need for real interventions and alternatives to the status quo are clearer than ever. The following software tools, trainings on remote work and online facilitation, and suggested organizing tools will help us transition from in-person to virtual organizing. With these, you can host digital gatherings, meetings, and trainings.

Political Analysis & Ideas for Our Organizing: Invest-Divest, Health Care, Palestine & U.S. Military Funding to Israel

The current crisis has sharply revealed the contours of the harm people are working to mitigate and prevent daily. As we formulate our organizing responses to a global pandemic, we have the chance to translate this crisis into divesting from militarism and investing in community needs—so we can build a more just world for all, from the U.S. to Palestine.