HANDS OFF RAFAH: Stop this genocidal massacre!


By Iman Abid, Organizing & Advocacy Director

My heart breaks a million times over. Just as the Super Bowl began last night, Israel exploited the lack of media attention to launch its latest genocidal massacre on Rafah, the southernmost city of Gaza where 1.5 million Palestinian refugees are sheltering.

This was one of the most vicious attacks possible, as Israel bombed 50 locations to slaughter Palestinian families who were already severely traumatized, displaced, sick, and starving. Israel is bent on annihilating Palestinian life.

As crushing as it is to witness this unthinkable violence, we in the U.S. do not have the privilege of losing hope. We must keep fighting with every breath.

Hands Off Rafah protests are already rising up across the country, beginning today. Take to the streets to protest immediately!

And keep contacting your members of Congress to raise your voice loud and clear. Email Congress now using this latest updated message. Sound the alarm on the unfolding genocide and assault on Rafah. 

While the bombs rained down on Rafah last night, the Senate spent their time working on sending $14 BILLION MORE in weapons to Israel to fuel this genocide. They’re moving forward with Biden’s $95 billion “Deadly Deal,” which could pass within the next few days.

This spending package is even worse than we imagined, since it permanently cuts off desperately needed funding to the UNRWA humanitarian aid agency for Palestinian refugees.

If the Deadly Deal passes, it will only signal to Israel that it has full U.S. backing to proceed killing Palestinians until “total victory”—meaning mass annihilation.

Put up a fight for a PERMANENT CEASEFIRE NOW and not another dime for Israel’s crimes! 

Palestinian sumud, our steadfastness, will always live on. Our resilience is taught to us through the deep love for all that we are, and built in the wombs that carry new life. 

Our resilience will never be broken. It’ll only be strengthened with each generation that comes. Keep fighting with me until Palestine is free.

Iman Abid is the Organizing & Advocacy Director at USCPR.