Fund care, not killing! See our new “Not My Tax Dollars” site


By Ahmad Abuznaid, Executive Director

Every time the U.S. writes a blank check to Israel, our government funds deadly weapons to kill Palestinians instead of care for our communities.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of arming Israel with bombs and bullets, our U.S. government could be ending homelessness or providing free universal healthcare.

Our tax dollars should be funding care, not killing. You can see the potential impact in your local community on our new Not My Tax Dollars website.

Front and center on the site, you’ll recognize our interactive U.S. Military Funding to Israel Map. You can search for your city or state to see an estimate of how much people in your community are paying for genocide through federal tax dollars. Then, you’ll see the housing, elementary school teachers, or student debt loans canceled if those dollars were funding life instead of death.

You’ll also find a new Resources page with downloadable flyers and more tools for your activism, whether you’re organizing for a city council ceasefire resolution or raising awareness in your community.

In the middle of an ongoing genocide, the U.S. remains Israel’s greatest enabler. Publicity stunt airdrops of humanitarian aid (less than one truckload) are dropped alongside horrific U.S.-funded bombs. The U.S. has funded war crimes into existence and is promising to send $14 billion more to Israel’s military.

Here’s the thing: The people want to stop arming Israel. 

After 5 months of horrific U.S.-sponsored Israeli genocide and 5 months of powerful organzing, the majority of Americans, 52%, support halting U.S. weapons shipments to Israel. And among Biden voters from 2020, 62% support halting weapons to Israel; only 14% want U.S. weapons to Israel to continue at this time.

Check out the Not My Tax Dollars site now.

The people hold more power than our politicians can imagine. Let’s become an unstoppable force for justice together.

Ahmad Abuznaid is the Executive Director at USCPR.