Global Impact of Zionism


Zionism impacts not only Palestinians, but people across the region and world. The most glaring example is how the Zionist settler colonial project extends beyond Palestine. Israel’s military occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights continues in parallel to its occupation of Palestinian lands, both defined by the forced displacement of the majority of the native population and construction of illegal settlements.

Israel’s ability to maintain its settler colonial project depends on the complicity and active support of other oppressive regimes. Concurrently, the US backing of brutal regimes in Egypt, Jordan, and elsewhere is intimately connected with the “special relationship” that Israel enjoys with US imperialism. Through US support to such regimes, Israel’s domination in the region is ensured.

Israel has also built economic and political power by exporting the strategies and tools developed repressing Palestinians to dictators, colonial regimes, and apartheid states across the world. Israel has armed and trained violent regimes from Apartheid South Africa, to Rhodesia (present day Zimbabwe), to Central and South America, to North Africa and Southwest Asia, including the Middle East.

Read the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN)’s pamphlet “Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression,” excerpted below:

“Israel exports weapons, technologies, training, and techniques of violence for use by governments and corporations against populations around the world…

Israel uses U.S. aid to fund its ongoing occupation of Palestine and Syria and its military campaigns, which in turn serve as an laboratory to develop weapons, surveillance technology, and tactics of population control that are then marketed across the globe…

Israel’s unique skills in crowd control, forced displacement, surveillance and military occupation have resulted in placing it at the forefront of a global industry of repression: it develops, manufactures, and markets technologies that are used by armies and police around the world for purposes of repression.”

Zionist groups have also played an active role in promoting the racist narrative that Palestinians, Arabs, and/or Muslims are terrorists and extremists. This narrative bolsters Zionist efforts to falsely paint Israel as the only democracy in a backwards, uncivilized region, as an attempt to whitewash its war crimes. Over the decades, this has contributed to the Orientalist and Islamophobic analysis of Arabs and/or Muslims which underpins US policies such as the War on Terror – a campaign that includes the invasion and bombing of Muslim-majority countries, torture, targeted killings, extraordinary rendition, criminalization of Muslim American communities through FBI surveillance, entrapment, and Countering Violent Extremism programs, in addition to other harmful policies that violate international norms and human rights.

Watch and Learn: The Global Impact of Zionism

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