The ADL Is Not An Ally! #DroptheADL 

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The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has branded itself as a civil rights organiazation in ways that conceal and legitimize its right-wing activities undermining the rights of Black, immigrant, queer, Muslim, Arab, and other marginalized communities.

Many progressive individuals and organizations partner with the ADL without knowing its ongoing legacy of supporting racist policing, surveillance, colonialism, and the silencing of social justice activism. Misinformation about the ADL’s work, and its credibility in progressive circles, are what allow the ADL to continue harming social justice movements. 

This primer “The ADL is not an ally” was compiled by organizations across the U.S. working in coalition for freedom, justice, and equality. We hope it can be helpful in strengthening all of our social justice movements in resisting repression and advancing a vision of liberation for all. Many conflicts between the ADL and our movements are not covered in this primer. Community efforts to resist the ADL are also not covered here.

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Read the primer to learn about the ADL’s history of:

  • Targeting and surveilling progressive movements
  • Supporting racist, militarized policing
  • Repressing Palestinian rights and smearing critics of colonialism
  • Supporting antisemites, Donald Trump, and other right-wing, racist influencers
  • Islamophobia/Anti-Muslim racism
  • Campus repression
  • Trampling anti-racist, immigrant, queer, and other justice movements.


USCPR has joined over 200 organizations in signing this Open Letter to progressives. This Open Letter asks that you and your organizations reconsider the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as a partner in social justice work. Read the letter and sign on here! 

You can also check out this webinar: “Defend our Movements, Strengthen our Communities: #DroptheADL”.

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