Photo by Laura Albast


Rise Up With Palestine: Tell Congress to Sanction Israeli Apartheid

Palestinian people from Jerusalem to Masafer Yatta to Gaza are rising up against Israel's continued ethnic cleansing and apartheid in Palestine. As Israel violently attacks Palestinian people for resisting the oppression they have faced for 74 years, the cruelty of Israel's settler colonial regime is on full display for the world to see.

The time to take action is now.



URGENT: Defend Masafer Yatta

Palestinian people in Masafer Yatta are resisting Israel's imminent home demolitions and displacement from their native homeland. Take action by emailing your representatives today.
A photo of Palestinian people in Masafer Yatta defending their land against Israeli soldiers, with text reading: TAKE ACTION. uscpr.org/DefendMasaferYatta

#StandWithThe6 Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Under Attack

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Environmental Justice Has No Borders Pledge

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Free Ahmad Manasra: Demand his immediate release

For the past seven years, since he was only 13, Ahmad Manasra has been imprisoned by Israel, where Israeli authorities have abused him, tortured him, and are ...

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