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EMAIL CONGRESS: Stop Arming Israel!

From day one of this assault, Israel has been very clear about its genocidal intentions to kill as many Palestinians as possible and remove them from Gaza to steal Palestinian land.

If you agree that our tax dollars should NOT be funding genocide, please join us by emailing your members of Congress. Demand a PERMANENT ceasefire now and an end to arming Israel.


Sign the petition: Acknowledge the ICC’s authority and end the genocide

The ICC is seeking an arrest warrant for Israeli war criminals Netanyahu and Gallant. The U.S. government must stop interfering and comply.

Email universities: Divest now and stop repressing protests

Demand that administrations at Columbia University, CUNY, UCLA, and more divest from apartheid Israel, remove cops from campus, and stop repressing their students.


2.3 million Palestinians trapped in Gaza are living through U.S.-funded genocide in real time, as Israel bombs, starves, and displaces them. Call Congress now.

Stop Gaza Genocide Toolkit

Find everything you need in this toolkit: action tools for contacting Congress, a message for your group chats, downloadable graphics, and much more.

Find a Protest Near You

Protest to demand a PERMANENT CEASEFIRE NOW and an end to the Gaza genocide, and keep protesting. Find a protest near you.

Tweet Now: We Charge Genocide!

Tweet at your elected officials now after South Africa presented its damning evidence charging Israel with genocide at the Hague.

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