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CALL CONGRESS: Stop Arming Israel

South Africa presented its damning evidence charging Israel with genocide at the Hague, putting the facts on the record on the world stage.

The Senate is debating sending $14 BILLION MORE in weapons to Israel to fuel genocide. This is the moment to flood their phone lines and tell Congress that you don't want your tax dollars to fund genocide. Demand a permanent ceasefire now!


Email Congress: CEASEFIRE NOW!

Over 2 million Palestinian people trapped in Gaza are living through genocide in real time as Israel bombs, starves, and displaces them. Email Congress now.

Stop Gaza Genocide Toolkit

Find everything you need in this toolkit: action tools for contacting Congress, a message for your group chats, downloadable graphics, and much more.

Tweet Now: We Charge Genocide!

Tweet at your elected officials now after South Africa presented its damning evidence charging Israel with genocide at the Hague.

Call Congress: CEASEFIRE NOW!

Pick up the phone and call your reps. Tell them to support the Ceasefire Now resolution H.Res. 786, for an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid entry to ...

Find a Protest Near You

Protest to demand a CEASEFIRE NOW and an end to the Gaza genocide, and keep protesting. Find a protest near you.

Support Palestinian Human Rights Defender Sami Huraini

On Oct. 30, Palestinian human rights defender Sami Huraini will be sentenced by the Israeli court in retaliation for his activism. Take action now to #SupportSami.

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