Demilitarize US to Palestine Network

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USCPR is supporting Demilitarize US 2 Palestine, a national network of individuals and grassroots organizations that seek to end state violence and police militarization in the U.S. and Palestine. 

This network was launched in May 2021 alongside the BDS Movement, Jewish Voice for Peace, National Students for Justice in Palestine, World Beyond War, and other organizations to offer resources and strategy support for coalitions and demilitarize campaigns. Learn more about Demilitarize US 2 Palestine.

Demilitarize develops and supports campaigns that seek to:

  • Expose complicity and/or relationships between corporations/institutions invested in Israeli apartheid and occupation, as well as policing
  • End all municipal, state, and federal level collaborations, and police collaborations with Israel, and bring an end to militarized policing
  • Build ties between local abolitionist work and internationalist work. 

Join the Demilitarize network! 

You or your organization can join the Demilitarize network by filling out this intake form.

We provide a space for individuals and organizations to connect with one another and share strategies for demilitarization campaigns in the U.S. and Palestine. We aim to empower local organizing with the tools necessary to lead abolitionist Demilitarize campaigns in their local contexts.

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