The State of Our Union = Genocide


By Ahmad Abuznaid, Executive Director

Tonight on Capitol Hill, President Biden will give his State of the Union address, in an attempt to convince the American public that everything is normal. You know, business as usual.

Let’s be real: There is nothing normal about sponsoring a genocide with U.S. taxpayer dollars and blocking every attempt to call for a permanent ceasefire.

This is the State of the Genocide. While Biden will be talking up what’s he’s supposedly done for the nation, Palestinian people in Gaza are mourning their dead, desperately cooking with animal feed in an attempt to survive forced starvation, and dreading when the next bombs will drop—or when Israel will begin a full-scale ground invasion killing spree in Rafah.

The Biden administration’s active participation in Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people is unconscionable. As Biden addresses the nation, this is a key moment to call him out.

Today I’ll be speaking at our People’s State of the Union rally to protest Genocide Joe, raising our demands loud and clear outside the White House.

You can amplify our demands now! Share this Not My Tax Dollars demands graphic on social media, tagging @POTUS with the hashtags #SOTU #NotMyTaxDollars.

This is the future that the people demand. A future where our tax dollars do not fund deadly weapons to Israel, racist police, mass incarceration, and immigration detention. Rather, we fund the resources our communities really need, from housing to healthcare to education.

These demands make up our collective vision for a liberated future, developed in partnership with key cross-movement organizations.

Read the full list of the Not My Tax Dollars demands here, and post the graphic on social media to tell the world what you’re fighting for.

Then, if you’re located in the U.S., pick up the phone and call your members of Congress. Tell them you demand that your tax dollars fund care, not killing.

See you in the streets.

Ahmad Abuznaid is the Executive Director at USCPR.