Stop Arming Israel: 5 Ways to Take Action for Tax Day


By Ahmad Abuznaid, Executive Director 

As we mark six months into Israel’s U.S.-funded genocide against the Palestinian people, you and I cannot allow Tax Day to be business as usual this year.

This is the time to hit the streets and disrupt. Make sure EVERYONE you come into contact with knows that Israel is mass murdering Palestinian families with our federal tax dollars.

The momentum is on our side. Even Genocide Joe is changing his tune, asking for a ceasefire after Israel’s assassination of World Central Kitchen aid workers and their Palestinian driver. But his rhetoric means nothing without real policy change to end the massacres. We must put maximum pressure on our elected officials to stop arming Israel, now.

Find all the resources you need to organize in your activist toolbox, newly updated to support actions for Tax Day.

Right now, I’m watching a major policy shift on arming Israel happen in Congress in real time, as today Sen. Chris Coons stated that “I think we’re at that point” to condition U.S. military funding to Israel.

Of course, we’re far past that point, as Israel has been killing, oppressing, and removing the Palestinian people from their native land for 76+ years. But this shift wouldn’t be happening without the massive pressure you’ve built as part of our movement.

All U.S. weapons transfers to Israel must be suspended immediately. We must fight harder than ever toward our ultimate goal: ending U.S. military funding to Israel’s massive violence, once and for all.

Here are five ways you can take action for Tax Day on Monday, April 15.

1. Hit the streets to stop arming Israel. Protest, wheatpaste, distribute mock Tax Day “coupons” flyers, or organize your own local action with our signs and toolkits.

2. Disrupt for a free Palestine. Respond to this autonomous, grassroots call-to-action for a Coordinated Economic Blockade to Free Palestine in cities around the world on April 15 (not affiliated with USCPR). Local groups are invited to organize their own actions to disrupt economic activity and resist genocide.

3. Take part in the #NotMyTaxDollars social media storm. On Tax Day, help spread our interactive tax map far and wide to illustrate how much people in YOUR city are forced to pay for deadly weapons to Israel. Spread the word with our Tax Day social media storm toolkit.

4. Fundraise for Palestinian-led organizing. USCPR’s ultimate goal as an organization is to end U.S. military funding to Israel. Every donation to power activism and advocacy brings us closer to that goal. Start a personal fundraising page to stop arming Israel for Tax Day.

5. Join our Tax Day Mass Movement Call. Find out how you can join the fight to stop arming Israel for the long haul. Register now for our Tax Day webinar on Monday, April 15 at 7 PM ET.

Find all these resources and more at

You know as well as I do that the urgency couldn’t be more extreme. The lives of over 2 million Palestinian people who are enduring the worst horrors in Gaza, from forced starvation to executions, are on the line with each passing moment.

We must resist. Let’s endure for Gaza, and let’s keep fighting until Palestine is free.

P.S. Take the next step to stop arming Israel with USCPR Action. Come to Washington, DC for the Nakba Days of Action on May 14-15.

By Ahmad Abuznaid is the Executive Director at the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.