Dig deeper: Lawfare and the JNF’s colonial history

STAND ALONE IGFB - Lawsuit Oral Arguments January 2023

We live in a time of right-wing attacks on our freedom, our rights, and our struggle for justice, in response to the growing power of our voices.

Here at the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, we know justice is on our side. Since 2019, we have been resisting a lawfare attack by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) that seeks to tear down our work for collective liberation. A lower court dismissed the lawsuit in 2021, but the plaintiffs appealed. Last month, our legal team presented an oral argument to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, and now we await their next decision.

For the latest on where this attack on USCPR stands—and more perspective on the JNF’s colonial history—see the two resources below.

As our Executive Director Ahmad Abuznaid recently shared on the “Occupied Thoughts” podcast from the Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP), advocating for justice for all is the only way forward.

“Like Dr King said, the moral arc of the universe is bending toward justice, and so we can see that on the horizon,” Ahmad said. “What we need to do is just keep pushing a little bit harder, keep pushing a little bit longer, and justice will prevail.”

Dig deeper with these resources.

LISTEN: “Lawfare in Action: Attack on US Campaign for Palestinian Rights as a Case Study”

On FMEP’s “Occupied Thoughts” podcast, Lara Friedman interviews USCPR Executive Director Ahmad Abuznaid and Center for Constitutional Rights Senior Staff Attorney Diala Shamas. Ahmad and Diala break down this case and what it means for Palestinian activism and solidarity. Listen to it here.

READ: “Jewish National Fund: A century of land theft, belligerence and erasure”

In the Middle East Eye, Joseph Massad uses the lawsuit against USCPR as a springboard to delve into the JNF’s history of stealing and colonizing native Palestinian land. Read the article here.