Your activist toolbox to stop arming Israel


By Iman Abid, Organizing & Advocacy Director

Two days after the UN Security Council passed a resolution for an immediate pause leading to a lasting ceasefire, Israel has predictably doubled down on its horrific attacks: heavily bombing Rafah, turning hospitals into extermination camps, and forcibly starving Gaza.

All with zero consequences for taking precious Palestinian lives.

The fact is: As long as the U.S. keeps cutting the checks for genocide and supplying the bombs and bullets, Israel will keep massacring Palestinian families.

Every person and every local community in the country needs to rise up now to say: Not another nickel, not another dime, no more money for Israel’s crimes!

Mobilize your community to stop arming Israel ahead of this coming Tax Day, April 15. You can use these resources in your Not My Tax Dollars activist toolbox.

In the toolbox, you’ll find key resources you can use to organize in your local community in Chicago, including:

  • Satirical Tax Day “coupons” you can distribute to show the very real resources our communities could have if our government stopped arming Israel.
  • City Council Organizing Toolkit to advocate for a permanent ceasefire resolution and divestment on the local level
  • The Stop Gaza Genocide Toolkit with creative strategies you can use to stop arming Israel
  • Protest signs and flyers you can print out.

Over the weekend, Congress passed the annual $3.8 billion in U.S. military funding and weapons to Israel, while also extending the ban on critically needed UNRWA humanitarian funding for an entire year. Next, the House of Representatives is considering sending another $14 BILLION in deadly weapons to Israel.

New Gallup polling shows a sea change in opposition to Israel: 55% of Americans, and 75% of Democrats, oppose Israel’s assault on Gaza.

It’s time to raise hell to make your members of Congress see how we resist when they sign off on arming a genocide. It’s on us to disrupt, disrupt, disrupt to block the bombs and end the killing.

If you’re in the U.S., use our Not My Tax Dollars map to see how much people in your city are forced to pay for genocide through their federal tax dollars. Then take action to mobilize your community with all the resources in your activist toolbox.

For Tax Day, our goal is to spread the Not My Tax Dollars map far and wide, to make everyone aware that our tax dollars are funding genocide so they can join the fight to end it. You can participate by joining our Tax Day social media storm on April 15 and taking action in your local community.

Remember: This is just the beginning of this fight. It will take all of us, pushing harder than ever, to stop the genocide, end U.S. military funding to Israel, and free Palestine.

Yalla, let’s go. See you in the streets.

Iman Abid is the Organizing & Advocacy Director at the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.