2017 is a BIG year.

2017 marks 10 years of Israel’s blockade of Gaza; 50 years of Israel’s military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem; 70 years since the Nakba and ethnic cleansing of Palestine began following the partition of the land against the will of the indigenous people; and 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, which set the stage for the Zionist movement to colonize Palestine and later to establish a Jewish state.

Join 50 actions nationwide June 5-June 10, 2017 on this 50th anniversary to demand an end to Israel’s brutal military occupation as part of a commitment to justice for all Palestinians, whether in historic Palestine or in exile. We are responding to a call from Palestinians to send a clear message: Enough is enough and Israel must end all its oppression of Palestinians for freedom, justice, and equality to prevail.

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Israel’s military occupation is among the most visible forms of its settler colonialism and apartheid. 50 years of Jewish-only, illegal settlements built on stolen Palestinian land. 50 years of military checkpoints, tens of thousands of home demolitions, and more than one million olive trees uprooted. 50 years of “Judaizing” Jerusalem and further displacing Palestinians. Thousands of Palestinians imprisoned and killed by the Israeli army.

Tax-paying U.S. residents and citizens are complicit in all of this through the billions of dollars of weapons we give Israel each year and through the diplomatic protection we provide Israel in international organizations to prevent it from being held accountable.

Israel’s actions since 1967 make clear that the occupation was never meant to be temporary. It is not an aberration. It is just the latest extension of Israel’s ethnic cleansing and subjugation of Palestinians, which continues to this day.

Join the Week of Action June 5-June 10 to Say Enough!

100/70/50/10 artwork by Leila Abdelrazaq