100,000 More Israeli Settlers


100,000. That’s the additional number of people living in Israel’s illegal settlements today than at the start of President Barack Obama’s term in 2009.

Since the outset of his administration, the president has spoken out—sometimes even forcefully—against the expansion of Israeli settlements.

But these words have proven insufficient in forcing Israel to halt its colonization of Palestinian land.

Even as President Obama enters his final months in the White House, however, he still has time to take effective action against Israel’s settlements.

And the word around town here in Washington, DC is that the Obama administration is weighing its options for taking action.

So please sign our petition to the president today and help us generate the political support needed for the Obama administration to finally take action.

And after you sign the petition, check out all the new resources we’ve put together for this campaign, including:

• An interactive graph showing the growth of Israel’s settler population in East Jerusalem and the West Bank

• A policy memorandum outlining recommendations for what the United States should do to make effective its opposition to Israeli settlements

• A Thunderclap and one-click shareable memes for social media

I know what the skeptics out there are thinking right now: “We’ve had eight years of feckless denunciations of Israeli settlements by the Obama administration. Why would the president finally take action now?”

Fair enough. But the political dynamics change after Election Day and we have a real opportunity to help make something happen over the next few months.

After having brokered two failed round of negotiations, President Obama’s legacy won’t be as Israeli-Palestinian peacemaker.

Instead his legacy on this issue will be defined largely by his deal, signed in September, to give Israel an additional $38 billion in weapons over ten years, further entrenching the Israeli military occupation and colonization of Palestinian land he claims to oppose.

It’s a bleak record. But he can salvage a portion of this legacy by taking action against Israeli settlements in the final months of his term.

Help us build the political support he needs to do so by taking action today.