#WorldWithoutWalls: A Global Demand From Palestine to Mexico and Beyond

On the Nov. 9 Global Day of Action for a World Without Walls, Common Dreams quotes USCPR Director of Organizing and Advocacy Anna Baltzer on the importance of highlighting the connections between US and Israeli state repression, surveillance, and militarization.

“Israel has been a key actor in a new global era of walls and the day of action has expanded the discourse around Israel’s role in repression, surveillance, and militarization worldwide,” Anna Baltzer, director of organizing and advocacy at the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, one of the groups supporting the day of action, told Common Dreams.

“For instance, Israeli companies are profiting off, and bidding on contracts for, the U.S.-Mexico wall, using technology they have developed for Israel’s apartheid wall,” Baltzer noted. “So when people chant ‘From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have to go,’ it’s not just a slogan. It is a shared reality of colonization and corporate exploitation, and a shared struggle for collective liberation.”

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