Fearless, and on track for more wins

A message from Mike Daly, USCPR Development Director: 

I first learned about the US Campaign in 2004. I had just moved back to the United States after several years in Palestine, Syria, and Egypt, and was looking for ways to stay involved. I was excited about what the US Campaign promised as a national coalition, so I jumped right in as a volunteer on the resources task force and monthly donor with the Olive Branch Club.

I admired how the US Campaign was smart and strategic in the way it built power and raised the issue of Palestine in the US.

After spending over a decade sending delegations to Palestine, I have found my way back to the US Campaign as the Development Director. Now, it’s my responsibility to help us find the resources needed to keep our work in the growing movement for justice in Palestine fearless and on track for more wins.

So, I’m excited to ask: could you please support our mission today with the most generous donation you can make? Our average donation is $122, and support at all levels — $22 upto $2,200, really anything you can give — is crucial to advancing Palestinian rights. We’re counting on you, and we only have a few more days left.

I’m moved that so many of you already enrich our work with your time, energy, and yes, financial resources. I’m amazed by all that our program staff and member groups accomplish. I know there are many causes and organizations out there worth supporting – and I know we ask a lot, especially at the year’s end. We ask because of the opportunities we see to make a difference and hasten freedom, justice, and equality for Palestinians.

If you think our movement can be better connected, if you are ready to see more and more of our elected officials supporting Palestinian rights, if you want to double the 200 North American BDS wins to date, and if you are convinced that the trickle of sports, music, and other public figures speaking out on Palestine will become a downpour (the latest being Lorde!), then please support the work of the US Campaign.

If you can donate – for the first time, or the twentieth time – before year-end, your support will directly help the US Campaign grow the movement for Palestinian rights by:

  • Mobilizing our supporters and member groups to bring constituent power to Washington while also working on winnable, targeted local campaigns;
  • Utilizing our expertise and resources to protect the right to boycott, support economic actions in the churches, and resist the growing repression of Palestine activism;
  • Coordinating and convening national strategy meetings, as well as a national conference in 2018, that aim to better connect our movement, map out strategies to build joint campaigns, and best marshal our resources for maximum impact;

We have come a long way since 2004, and with your support, we can go even further in 2018.

Years ago, as a US Campaign volunteer, I never could have imagined how far our solidarity work for Palestine would have advanced by 2017. Thanks to your support, we have made inspiring, tangible progress.

But much remains to be done; Palestinians continue to pay a high price every day for unfettered US support of Israel – even as they continue courageously resisting.

Your support today, whether it is $22 or $220, will help us build and strengthen the movement for Palestinian rights. You can also help by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter.

P.S. If you missed Yousef’s email earlier this week, we have an exclusive thank you offer for you: a copy of the new children’s book, P is for Palestine! We have a few copies left, so donate $50 or more today to receive one. As a proud father of two, I’ve already grabbed a copy for our family. Get yours today!