USCPR Manager of Policy and Advocacy Campaigns on the Two State Solution Act


Rep. Andy Levin introduced the Two State Solution Act, a bill that falls short of ensuring any Palestinian rights are protected, fails to enforce accountability for Israel, and continues to enable Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. This bill would continue providing the annual, unconditional $3.8 billion in U.S. military funding to Israel.

USCPR Manager of Policy and Advocacy Campaigns Sana criticized this bill, noting that while it in theory opposes the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, it does nothing to hold Israel accountable or advance Palestinian rights.

“The Two-State Solution Act is not a progressive bill and fails to advance a rights and justice based foreign policy.”

“It instead focuses on the continued annual transfer of $3.8bn in military funding to Israel. The bill, while opposing settlement expansion in theory, fails to have oversight or enforcement mechanisms to hold Israel accountable.”

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