USCPR Manager of Policy and Advocacy Campaigns Comments on $1 Billion Military Funding to Israel


The U.S. Senate is expected to authorize an extra $1 billion dollars in military funding to Israel. Prior to the vote, Sen. Bernie Sanders said he is planning to vote ‘yes’ for the funds in exchange for sending urgent humanitarian aid to Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip after Israel’s devastating assault in May.

Quoted in an article in Jewish Currents, USCPR’s Manager of Policy and Advocacy Campaigns Sana commented on this exchange:

 “[This] is not an acceptable trade to make. We need to move towards ending weapon sales rather than sending them through without a debate. Palestinians have asked Senator Sanders to divest from harm, and that means not sending further military funding to Israel.”

Read more in the article below:

Sanders Pushes Gaza Aid in Exchange for “Yes” Vote on Iron Dome Funds” by Alex Kane in Jewish Currents