USCPR Executive Director: “The Fight for Environmental Justice Has No Borders”


USCPR joined a coalition of Palestinian, Indigenous, and other progressive organizations to tell the Sierra Club to cancel their trips that greenwash Israel’s settler colonialism—and at first, they listened, but then they shamefully backtracked under predictable Zionist pressure.

The Unity Intifada has called social justice advocates around the globe to choose solidarity with the Palestinian people over complicity with Israeli apartheid. USCPR Executive Director Ahmad Abuznaid spoke to Michael Arria from Mondoweiss and commented on the issue:

“The fight for environmental justice has no borders,” said Ahmad Abuznaid, Executive Director at the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, in a statement. “We must oppose colonization, militarism, land theft, and environmental destruction everywhere, in order to stop settler states from stealing native land and expelling the Indigenous people protecting it. The Sierra Club’s decision to cancel trips to apartheid Israel is a welcome step forward as together we struggle toward justice for the Palestinian people and liberation for all.”

You can read the article in its entirety on Mondoweiss’s website. Featured in the article and another article by Michael Arria, “Sierra Club immediately caves to pro-Israel pressure after backlash over trip cancellations,” you can also find USCPR’s action tool, released to urge the Sierra Club not to visit apartheid Israel.