USCPR Executive Director Comments on Biden Administration’s ‘Bothsidesism’


While Israeli forces attacked Palestinian worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem and attempted to expel Palestinian people from Sheikh Jarrah, the Biden administration released a statement equally blaming ‘both sides.’ Palestinian rights activists noted that the U.S. State Department’s statement was problematic and didn’t call for accountability from the aggressor, the Israeli regime.

USCPR’s Executive Director Ahmad Abuznaid noted that this statement of bothsidesism fails to acknowledge the U.S.’s own role in the conflict.

“It evades accountability for the Israelis but also for the US government and State Department that has continued to shield Israel from any form of accountability,” Abuznaid told the Middle East Eye

“And they continue to funnel US tax dollars to this oppressive apartheid system. Lectures are not what we need from the US State Department. We need action.”


For more read the article below:

Jerusalem: Biden administration’s ‘bothsidesism’ angers Palestinians” by Ali Harb in the Middle East Eye.