USCPR Communications Director Coauthors Op-Ed on Anti-Palestinian Media Coverage in the Washington Post


In the Washington PostLaura Albast, senior editor of digital strategy and communications at the Institute of Palestine Studies-USA, and USCPR’s very own Communications Director Cat Knarr critique anti-Palestinian media coverage and examine how it enables Israeli impunity.

Albast and Knarr write:

This is a pattern we have seen over and over again in media coverage of Palestine. Palestinians are not killed; we simply die. When Israeli forces raid our neighborhoods in the middle of the night, bomb our children, demolish our homes, colonize our land and kill our people, we are somehow equal instigators. Media descriptions regularly imply a false symmetry between occupier and occupied, propping up anti-Palestinian and Islamophobic narratives that blame the Palestinian people for Israeli aggression.

Read the full op-ed in the Washington Post: “How media coverage whitewashes Israeli state violence against Palestinians.”