US Democrats Circulate Israel Letter Expressing ‘Concern’ Over Annexation


USCPR Manager of Policy & Advocacy Campaigns Sana is quoted in a Middle East Eye article about a House Democrat letter currently circulating, which addresses the Israeli government’s impending annexation of Palestinian lands:

“The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR), a Washington-based advocacy group, also voiced disappointment over the letter.

‘Israel is formalising its long-time, de facto annexation of Palestinian lands because it knows that the only thing the US government will express is ‘concern’ for its violations of international law, Palestinian rights, lives, and land while simultaneously providing Israel with political cover at the United Nations and writing them blank check after blank check,’ USCPR manager of policy and advocacy campaigns Sana told MEE.

‘It is long past time for accountability and divesting from military funding to Israel.'”