URGENT: Senate Committee Should Vote to #RejectFriedman


As President Donald Trump prepares to meet tomorrow with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we also wanted to make sure you were aware of another important policy development that you can impact.

On Thursday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a hearing and vote on David Friedman’s nomination to be ambassador to Israel.

You’ve already sent more than 6,000 letters to Senators opposing the nomination of this extremist who denies Palestinian rights, funds and identifies with the Israeli settler movement, and viciously attacks all who disagree with his abhorrent ideology.

Now, we need you to pick up your phones and call your two Senators to oppose Friedman’s nomination.

Just click here, enter your zip code, and we’ll give you talking points and the phone numbers for your Senators. After your calls, we’ve got a brief form for you to fill out so you can let us know how they went.

If the committee votes to confirm Friedman, his nomination will likely be voted on by the full Senate later this month—so we need calls going to all Senators, not just those on the committee.

After your calls, please sure to retweet the Tweet below, which will be seen by Senators Bob Corker and Ben Cardin, the chair and ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Their votes will be crucial in determining if Friedman gets confirmed by the committee.

Please help us get 1,000 retweets today by clicking here.

Why should the Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote against the nomination of David Friedman to be ambassador to Israel? He opposes Palestinians exercising sovereignty over any portion of their historic homeland, he funds and is a columnist for Israel National News, a mouthpiece of the Israeli settler movement, and he accused President Barack Obama of being an anti-Semite.

Read more about Friedman’s extremist viewpoints in our policy memorandum here.

Thank for calling your Senators today to #RejectFriedman as the next US ambassador to Israel.




Policy Director

P.S.: For those of you in the Washington, DC area, please join us for a protest tomorrow at the White House from 5:00-7:00 PM against the shared Trump-Netanyahu agenda of racism and hatred. RSVP and spread the word on Facebook.

P.P.S.:If your Senators’ phone lines are busy, please keep trying. Congress is experiencing a record number of phone calls from constituents like you opposed to Trump’s agenda. You can also try calling one of their district offices as well. Just go to your Senators’ websites for contact info.