URGENT: Contact Congress again to defend Masafer Yatta

A photo of Palestinian people in Masafer Yatta defending their land against Israeli soldiers, with text reading: TAKE ACTION. uscpr.org/DefendMasaferYatta

In Masafer Yatta, over 1,000 Palestinian residents just heard the new far-right Israeli government’s violent announcement: Israel will be proceeding with its plan to ethnically cleanse them from their native homeland in the coming days.

These Palestinian communities have existed and tended to their land in Masafer Yatta for generations. For months, the Israeli regime has been demolishing their homes, a school, and the tents they put up to replace them, as part of ongoing violent colonialism.

Now, the new Israeli government is accelerating colonization in Masafer Yatta, putting every Palestinian family whose home is under demolition threat in danger.

Will you tell Congress to defend Masafer Yatta right now? 

In a brutal start to the new year, Israel has already killed four Palestinian people, including horrifically shooting 16-year old Amer Abu Zeitoun in the head in Nablus today.

Earlier this week, Israel destroyed five more Palestinian homes in Masafer Yatta, while settlers uprooted 146 trees, continually attacking Palestinian life and resistance.

Still, the Palestinian people in Masafer Yatta have refused to be ethnically cleansed. Even as colonial Israeli forces and settlers have tried to intimidate and remove them, they’ve remained in their homeland.

“People are steadfast in their villages and will not leave,” Nidal Younis, head of the Masafer Yatta Village Council, told Al Jazeera.

The U.S. has continually refused to hold Israel accountable, even with the new increasingly fascist, racist, and right-wing Israeli government bent on proving its brutality.

With a new Congress about to be sworn in, it’s all the more urgent to make our representatives reckon with the $3.8 billion the U.S. gives to Israel every year—a blank check to kill and harm the Palestinian people. 

Tell your member of Congress to defend Masafer Yatta now.

Thank you for resisting with the Palestinian people in Masafer Yatta.