Tell Gov. McAuliffe: Don’t Sign On to Anti-BDS Initiatives!

Over a week ago, a number of organizations making up the Freedom 2 Boycott–Virginia coalition sent Governor Terry McAuliffe letters urging him not to sign on to anti-boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) initiatives that would “infringe upon or delegitimize our freedom to boycott.” You can read one of the letters here.

These Virginia activists working for freedom, justice, and equality for Palestinians have been doing great work on the ground and played a huge role in tabling the anti-BDS bill and watering down the anti-BDS resolution that were introduced in the state legislature earlier this year.These letters were sent in response to a campaign to pressure governors to fight BDS in their states, as Gov. Cuomo did with his unconstitutional and undemocratic anti-BDS Executive Order in June. As these Freedom 2 Boycott letters argue, “[e]ngaging in boycott, divestment, and sanctions to advance human rights in a time-honored American tactic for responding to injustice.”

This is why it’s so important to amplify and build on their work today by sending a message to the governor’s office, asking him not to sign on to anti-BDS initiatives.

Call and write to Gov. McAuliffe and urge him to uphold our First Amendment right to advocate for BDS.

The governor has yet to support any anti-BDS initiatives so let’s make sure he knows that his constituents want to keep it that way. Send a message to him today!

Thanks for taking action to show your support for Palestinian freedom, justice and equality!