Tell Congress to Vote NO on Normalizing Ethnic Cleansing


We’re coming up on what is likely to be the only vote on Palestine in Congress this year, at a time when Israel is escalating its ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people, when even just today, Israeli forces committed extrajudicial executions of three Palestinian men in Nablus. Meanwhile, another international human rights organization has joined longtime Palestinian voices in exposing Israel’s apartheid, a separate-and-unequal system of domination rooted in settler colonialism.

In a moment like this, we can’t express how shameful it is that Congress continues covering up Israel’s settler colonialism, rather than advancing Palestinian rights. Congress is primed to pass H.R. 2748, the Israel Relations Normalization Act, or as we call it, the Normalizing Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Act.

During a time when we should be demanding accountability ASAP to stop Israel’s crimes, Congress is promoting Trump-era weapons deals, which give authoritarian regimes weapons in exchange for political support for Israeli violence against the Palestinian people.

There’s nothing normal about Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing and apartheid. Tell your members of Congress to vote NO on the Normalizing Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Act.

The old bipartisan consensus for U.S. military funding and diplomatic support for Israel will not last. Every NO vote we peel away turns the tide toward the end of Israel’s settler colonial violence against the Palestinian people. We need you to keep building the movement for justice. Read and share these Instagram graphics, which break down how this bill covers up Israeli ethnic cleansing.

As the world protests Israel's ethnic cleansing, Congress is about to vote to support it
Read and share these graphics.

Together, we can force Congress to hear the people’s demands to defend Palestinian rights and end U.S. complicity in Israeli violence. Make your voice heard now.