Tell Biden officials to quit their genocide jobs now

Resign Action TOol

It has been 125 days of U.S.-funded genocide in Gaza, rubber-stamped by President Joe “Butcher Biden” every step of the way.

If we are to finally bring Israel’s massive violence to an end, we must dismantle the genocide machine behind it: every U.S. dollar that buys the bombs and every staffer turning the gears inside the White House.

Throw sand in the gears of the genocide machine now! Email 200+ Biden administration senior government officials and tell them to quit.

This Quit Genocide campaign, cosponsored by USCPR and Adalah Justice Project, has issued a public call asking all Butcher Biden employees to resign in protest immediately. Senior government officials Josh Paul and Tariq Habash have already paved the way by going public with their principled resignations.

Our joint email action tool has the individual email addresses for 200 government officialsso you can email them directly to level up the pressure. Each of these officials have been deeply complicit, working for the White House or other key policy office in the Biden administration.

Most importantly, make sure to customize your email subject line to evade any email filters that staffers may try to set up. Get creative!

Disrupt in the belly of the beast, and flood the email inboxes of all 200+ senior government officials now.

As Palestinian people in Gaza are enduring heavy bombings and forced starvation, not knowing if they and their beloved ones will live to see another day, we cannot allow the U.S. government officials responsible to have a moment of peace.

Thank you for taking action. While you’re at it, spread the word and send this to your friends.