Take action: Masafer Yatta is under attack


Right now, Masafer Yatta is under attack by Israeli settlers and soldiers. The Palestinian people who live there have been defending their ancestral homeland from Israel’s largest mass expulsion of Palestinians in 55 years.

This week, Israeli soldiers attacked them again and again, shooting inside houses, spraying tear gas, dropping sound bombs, and arresting dozens.

Hafez Huraini, a Palestinian activist who has defended his land and inspired youth for decades, is a symbol of resistance in Masafer Yatta—and he was attacked and arrested. Israeli settlers beat him with a metal pipe while he was working on his land, and then they cut the tires of the ambulance that came to his aid. Now his family fears for his well-being in an Israeli jail, and they’re continuing to resist and call for his freedom.

In the name of Hafez Huraini and every Palestinian land defender, we must rise to the moment to #DefendMasaferYatta.

These next four days, Sept. 16-19, will be Global Days of Action for Masafer Yatta, called for by Palestinian people on the ground. These days are an important way to support their steadfast resistance against Israel’s brutal colonialism. Their statement also demands the UN investigate Israel’s apartheid state ahead of the UN General Assembly.

As Israeli forces continue attacking Masafer Yatta, Palestinian students and teachers are especially threatened. Israel could destroy two major schools under demolition order, Jinba and Al-Fakheet, at any moment—and Palestinian students and teachers must resist Israeli soldiers’ violent harassment just to get to school every day. Education is a human right. We must mobilize now!

You can take action by:

1. Post #DefendMasaferYatta on social media now using our social media toolkit, and prepare to post for the social media storm this Monday, Sept. 19 at 12 noon ET.

2. Tell Congress to defend Masafer Yatta. Use our action tool to tell your representative to speak up now!

3. Organize in your local community. Host a screening of Mondoweiss’s “Saving Masafer Yatta” documentary (available on YouTube), or put up new posters, designed for you to post in visible places around your neighborhood.

Find more resources below.


Hear directly from Palestinian activist Sami Huraini about what’s happening in Masafer Yatta, including the Israeli settler attack and arrest of his father Hafez Huraini. Watch our Instagram Live.



What's happening in Masafer Yatta? 12 Palestinian villages and 2 schools resisting demolitions. Over image of Palestinian land defenders facing Israeli soldiers.

Read and share these slides on Instagram with the hashtag #DefendMasaferYatta.



Download these posters and graphics.