Stop Biden’s $118 Billion Deadly Deal in the Senate

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The Senate is about to bring a horrendous $118 billion spending package to the floor. It includes $14 billion in weapons to Israel for arming genocide, and $20 billion for militarizing the border and jailing immigrants.

Even worse, the latest iteration of this package would eliminate all humanitarian funding to the UNRWA aid agency for Palestinian refugees, permanently. This is an effort to fuel genocide and kill as many Palestinians as possible.

There’s a reason why we call this spending package the “Deadly Deal.” It’s literally funding massive violence against Palestinians and immigrants by the billions—and it’s become much worse than we ever imagined.

While it might not pass this time, both the Senate and House are trying to find ways to push through this military funding for Israel as soon as possible. Tonight the House will also be debating the genocidal bill H.R. 7217 to send $17.6 billion in weapons to Israel.

You can help stop this violent funding before it gets off the ground, by calling Congress, by protesting, and by disrupting business as usual for our politicians.

Call your members of Congress now! Demand that NOT ONE MORE PENNY of your tax dollars should go to Israel to fund genocide.

How absurd is it that when we ask our government to support our own communities, we’re told the money isn’t there? It would only take $8 billion to provide public housing to end homelessness, or $14 billion to cover healthcare for every uninsured child in the U.S.

Our politicians in power do not care to prioritize human life. They’d rather spend those billions on killing Palestinians and putting immigrants behind bars.

At this moment, Israel is committing more massacres in Gaza and threatening to fully invade the city of Rafah, where 1.5 million people are sheltering, to steal Palestinian land. We must stop our government from sending more dollars for death.

Tell Congress to fund care not killing! Stop arming Israel and demilitarize the border.