Tell Congress: Stop funding Israel’s massacres of Palestinians


In broad daylight on Thursday, Israeli forces invaded Jenin refugee camp, where they murdered at least 10 Palestinian people and injured dozens more. A horrific massacre, and the deadliest Palestinians in the West Bank have faced in about two decades. 

Every Palestinian life is precious, and every loss devastating. As we honor our martyrs killed by Israel—from 16-year old Waseem Amjad Aref Al-Ja’s to 61-year old Majda Obaid—we must fight for justice in their memory, until we see the liberation they did not live to know.

From Jenin to Gaza, we have witnessed Israel’s brutal massacres of our Palestinian people again and again. We have watched our U.S. politicians and media outlets dismiss Israel’s killings, dehumanizing Palestinians as they live under Israel’s apartheid every day, only to scream for “calm” the moment a Palestinian person resists.

If we’re ever going to put an end to Israel’s violence and save Palestinian lives, we have to stop our government from fueling it. Israel’s massacres are funded into existence by our U.S. tax dollars, with a blank check for $3.8+ billion to the Israeli military every year. 

Tell Congress to take immediate policy action and stop funding Israel’s massacres.

150 orgs representing Palestinian communities, Palestinian solidarity organizations, and the racial justice movement have signed on to the new joint statement “Stop Funding Israel’s Massacres,” calling out the U.S. government’s complicity and racist dehumanization of Palestinian life. As the statement says:

“Peace is not possible without justice, which begins with an end to Israel’s military occupation, theft of Palestinian land, and attacks on Palestinian lives.”

Right now, one of the most important things you can do is to amplify this key demand to end U.S. military funding to Israel. Make your voice heard loud and clear by emailing your representatives.

In memory of our martyrs, we keep struggling toward liberation for as long as it takes.

You can defend Palestinian rights on social media too. Share the “Demanding Justice After Israel’s Massacre in Jenin” slides on Instagram.