#StandWithThe6 Human Rights Organizations Attacked Today


In the middle of the night, the Israeli army invaded Palestinian communities, killing 20-year-old Waseem Nasr Khalifa in Nablus, and invaded the offices of seven Palestinian human rights organizations. They stole the files of clients targeted by Israel’s violence. And they welded the office doors shut, obstructing human rights work in clear violation of international law. Now, it’s on us to take action and ask U.S. Congress to #StandWithThe6 as they face constant attacks from the Israeli military.

This is not only an assault on Palestinian human rights work, but an all-out assault against any Palestinian person or organization that dares to speak up against Israel’s colonial regime. And we won’t be silent!

Six of these impacted Palestinian human rights organizations have been under increased attack since Israel outlawed them in October 2021, and still they’re committed to their vital work.

In the same night, Israeli forces also violently invaded St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Ramallah, which had rented an office to human rights org Al-Haq. They smashed the entrance and terrified Palestinian people living inside the church compound.

These most recent attacks make clear what Palestinian people have always known—the only “two sides” at play are the side of human rights and justice, and the side of Israeli apartheid and violence. Congress must pick a side NOW and support Palestinian human rights.

Raise your voice loud for Palestinian human rights defenders now. Will you tell Congress to #StandWithThe6?