Rep. Smith dropped anti-BDS bill – Take action now!


We have big news: Thanks to a groundswell of grassroots pressure from Palestine solidarity activists, your Member of Congress, Rep. Adam Smith, committed at a town hall to withdraw his name from legislation that would criminalize BDS. Your representative’s decision is a huge victory for the right to boycott, and we need you to take action right now to reinforce his decision. He is taking a difficult stand, and he needs to know that his constituents stand with him.

Rep. Smith’s promise to withdraw comes after New Yorkers mobilized so successfully that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) removed her name from the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, an unprecedented act for AIPAC-sponsored legislation. Remember, this is an important billl; it could send you to jail for 20 years for supporting – or even requesting information on – a boycott of Israel or illegal settlement goods.

Please take these actions right now to thank Rep. Smith for supporting our #RightToBoycott:

1.    Send him an email in seconds
2.    Call his office at  (202) 225-8901
3.    Comment on his Facebook page
4.    Retweet this tweet

Thank you in advance for showing support for Rep. Smith upholding your #RighttoBoycott. Together, we are putting an end to anti-BDS legislation and making change.


Government Affairs Associate

P.S. Watch and share the town hall video of Rep. Smith promising to withdraw support. You can check out more town hall actions here.