Quit Genocide: Resign from Bad Bosses Like Butcher Biden


You’re an important part of the movement for Palestinian liberation, and right now, we need your help to build up the pressure on President Joe “Butcher” Biden in a big way.

Biden and other complicit politicians have proved that they will not do the right thing unless forced to. Butcher Biden has been actively fueling this genocide for 110 days, blocking a ceasefire at the UN and sending weapons to Israel.

One way we can ramp up the pressure on him right now is to shame him—and other bad bosses like him—by calling for mass resignations.

This is a public call for every person of conscience still working for President Joe “Butcher” Biden’s administration, and other bad bosses backing genocide, to resign in protest immediately.

Share this Quit Genocide public call on social media right now. Then, send it to any friends you have who work for a bad boss backing genocide. Ask them to quit.

No matter your job, if you work for the White House or another complicit politician, then your presence helps turn the gears of genocide. Refuse to remain complicit! The best thing you can do is say “I quit” loud and proud, and get it on camera for social media.

Palestinians in Gaza have asked us to disrupt economic movement to stop genocide for the Global Strike for Gaza this week, by not spending money and staying home from work or school. 

If you know anyone who works for a bad boss backing genocide, this is the time to ask them to quit. Text this post to them or give them a ring.

And if you don’t, you can also amplify this public call by sharing it on social media. While you’re at it, comment and tag your complicit elected officials so their social media staff will see this post.