Two clicks to make Sen. Peters face the people


The only thing you need for this action is a social media account. With just two clicks, add your social media clout to the fight against the Israel Anti-Boycott Act (S.720).

The draconian bill is still here, threatening your right to boycott, trying to silence your support for Palestinian rights, and infringing on the First Amendment. When Congress goes back in session on September 5th, Sen. Peters needs to hear loud and clear that you demand he withdraw support for the oppressive bill.

Here’s how to make him listen:

  1. Click to support the Thunderclap campaign with Facebook and Twitter
  2. Share the Thunderclap on your social media
  3. Forward this ask to your family and friends in Michigan

Peters needs right-to-boycott-supporting constituents to warn him how bad this bill is. In July, he “seemed genuinely bewildered” when informed of the draconian free speech implications of the bill. Since then, AIPAC cited his defense of the bill. He should be listening to you, his constituents, not heeding AIPAC’s take on a bill that we know was designed to and will criminalize your right to BDS.

It takes 100 signatories for the Thunderclap campaign to go public and Sen. Peters to see it, so make sure you sign up with all of your social media accounts, and share with your family and friends who are Michigan residents!

Thank you for standing up for boycott, divestment, and sanctions and Palestinian rights! Together, we will make Congress hear us.



Government Affairs Associate


P.S. If you’re wondering how this bill could impact you, here are five ways that it threatens your constitutional rights.