Nov. 9 Day of Action: World Without Walls!


On November 9, 2017, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, people and movements from over 25 countries – including migrant rights campaigns, feminist movements, environmental networks, peasant movements, trade unions, and others – are raising their voices for a World Without Walls Day of Action:

Almost 70 walls across all continents are today ripping through people’s lives and lands as they fortify often unilaterally defined borders or limits of state control… They are monuments of expulsion, exclusion, oppression, discrimination and exploitation… Israel has been central in promoting this new global era of walls and the US has risen to back it up: From India, to Saudi Arabia, to Turkey, Western Sahara and Europe, today, the number of walls designed to forcibly define and seal borders has almost tripled over the last two decades. These walls bar the right to freedom of movement and self-determination. They have become are cornerstones in a world where wars, militarisation and exclusion are to substitute justice, freedom and equality.

More than 35 Mexican organizations and hundreds of Palestinian organizations have joined this global call. Here are four key ways that you can join this powerful Day of Action:

         1. ENDORSE – Add your name to the call in English here or in Spanish here.

         2. MOBILIZE – Organize actions for the Day Without Walls on Nov. 9, including street actions, seminars, exhibits, cultural events, media actions… use your creativity!

         3. PROMOTE – Follow, like, and share news about the mobilization by following @Nov9_NoWalls and @stopthewall on Twitter, using the hashtag #WorldWithoutWalls, and joining the Facebook event page. Find images, slogans, videos, and more here!

         4. SHARE – People and movements around the world are resisting the devastating impact of walls. Send in brief stories, photos, events, and other materials so the Day of Action can lift up the work already happening every day for a #WorldWithoutWalls.

The call continues…

Walls have not only risen to fortify borders of state control but demarcate the boundaries between the rich, the powerful, the socially acceptable and the ‘other’. They increasingly dominate our cities and societies. Tens of thousands linger as prisoners of conscience or under illegal and inhumane conditions behind prison walls… We will unite in mobilization to Raise awareness about the devastating effect of the increasing dominance of walls in our world and our lives; Create solidarity and links among the people affected by the walls and movements fighting the walls; Demand an immediate end to the walls that expel, exclude, oppress, discriminate and exploit; and Resist and defund those that profit from the walls.

US Campaign staff & Steering Committee visit the US/Mexico border wall near San Diego

When the US Campaign staff and Steering Committee visited the US/Mexico border wall earlier this year, we saw with our own eyes the concrete manifestation of parallel ideologies, practices of exclusion, and separation in the US and Israel. President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu celebrate one another’s walls, walls that cause thousands of deaths every year and destroy means of livelihoods and hope for many more, and on Nov. 9, we will demand that they fall. Share this call on Facebook and Twitter.

La lucha sigue.

P.S. We are still short more than $11,000 needed to send a delegation of US/Mexico anti-wall activists to Palestine to connect with activists resisting Israel’s apartheid wall. Will you help us reach that goal with a gift of $35 or more?