It was never meant to be temporary


Next week will mark 50 years since Israel occupied the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip. For half a century, Palestinian life has been characterized by U.S.-funded apartheid characterized by — among other things — illegal colonies on stolen indigenous land; military checkpoints; racial profiling; mass incarceration; torture of children; separation of families; tear gas and executions; indiscriminate bombing; environmental destruction; and repression of resistance in any form.

Palestinians younger than 50 in the West Bank and Gaza have never known a single day of freedom in their entire lives.

We cannot let this moment pass without saying clearly: ENOUGH! Join with others nationwide in a Week of Action June 5-10.

Artwork by Leila Abdelrazaq

The week of action is designed to be flexible, to boost your own local organizing. You decide which action to take to push forward your work for justice in Palestine. Sign up on this page, where you can find ideas for actions including informational events, campaigns, media actions, direct action, and policy work. Here is a sampling of what’s in store:

  • Day of fasting in honor of the #DignityStrike
  • #SaltWaterChallenge opposing “Celebrate Israel” Parade in NYC
  • Rallies, marches, and disruptions
  • Media engagement
  • Poetry direct action
  • Putting up billboards
  • #DeadlyExchange actions
  • Meetings with representatives
  • Film production and screenings
  • Palestinian speakers in local communities
  • Workshop challenging anti-Muslim oppression
  • 50th anniversary briefing on Capitol Hill
  • and more…

You can join the Facebook event page to watch reports from these actions and more unfold…

Postcard front

Sign up now and access great new resources including:

  • New 50th anniversary facts sheet;
  • Media toolkits;
  • Material support for member groups;
  • Widespread promotion of your event; and
  • Anniversary postcards — print your own or we’ll send you lots for free if you sign up soon!

2017 also marks 10 years of Israel’s suffocating blockade of Gaza; 70 years since the Nakba and ethnic cleansing of Palestine began following UN recommended partition of the land against the will of the indigenous community; and 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, which set the stage for the Zionist movement to colonize Palestine and later to establish a Jewish state. This moment, and this context, can erase any illusions that the 1967 occupation was ever meant to be temporary. It is no aberration. It is the continuation of Israel’s settler colonial project and we must say ENOUGH.

Get your city on the map today.

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P.P.S. As we commemorate these anniversaries, a groundbreaking delegation of Palestinians — including those living in Palestine and in exile — will travel to key sites of the Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter struggles to connect Palestinian resistance to Israeli colonialism to impacted communities working against racism and injustice in the United States.

Your generous donation today will help us support this tour and the other exciting cross-movement campaigns we have planned around this year’s anniversaries.