Action Alert: MO Legislators, Don’t Praise Israeli Apartheid!


Why is the Missouri State Legislature trying to pass a bill praising Apartheid Israel?

Missouri House Concurrent Resolution 12 and identical Senate Concurrent Resolution 7 — which may be voted on as early as mid-March 2017 — praise the State of Israel’s unfair elections and offer support to Israel to continue its oppressive policies against the Palestinian people.

Missourians, tell your legislators that Israeli apartheid does not represent your values. Tell them to reject HCR 12 and SCR 7.

The resolution is unnecessary and inaccurate. In reality, there is nothing free and fair about an Israeli national election. The millions of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza — whose daily lives are controlled by the State of Israel — cannot vote, nor can the millions of Palestinian refugees exiled in order to create Israel’s artificial Jewish majority. Even Palestinians inside Israel who can vote are denied basic rights by over 50 laws that discriminate against them as non-Jews living in a Jewish state.

Missourians are among those targeted by Israel, including many Palestinian Americans who face abuse and deportation if they try to visit their homes and families.

The daily struggle of Palestinians and others targeted by Israeli apartheid is mocked by this resolution’s false statement that Israel “ensure(s) complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex”. Israel has a disastrous record of human rights abuses, collective punishment, racial profiling, home demolitions, mass imprisonment without charge, torture, assassinations, bombing and starving a civilian population resulting in the deaths of thousands of children and others.

Instead of praising and making false statement about Israel, the Missouri legislature would be better off putting economic and political pressure on Israel to end its abuses.

Missourians, click here to urge your legislators to vote against SCR 7 and HCR 12 today.