Our golden opportunity to make Rep. Courtney next to drop anti-BDS bill


The AIPAC-sponsored Israel Anti-Boycott Act – the bill that aims to criminalize the BDS movement – is losing support. This is a crucial moment, and letting Rep. Courtney hear your voice right now as constituent can make all the difference.

That’s because constituents hold the power. Supporters of Palestinian rights and the First Amendment dominated the floor at a townhall meeting in Connecticut on Tuesday night. Their calls to support Palestinian rights and their #RighttoBoycott were met by applause, and led Rep. Courtney to affirm that “people should have the right to speak up in favor of boycott”. That’s similar to what Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said to constituents shortly before she withdrew her support of the billl.

Now it’s your turn; USCPR member group Tree of Life Educational Fund is asking you to make Representative Courtney the next legislator to drop his sponsorship of a bill that intends to jail BDS supporters. If Rep. Courtney drops sponsorship, he will be the third Member of Congress to do so, preceded by Sen. Gillibrand as well as Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA).

Please take a few seconds to email Representative Courtney right now to ask him to withdraw sponsorship of the bill.

In this age of resistance, we need to hold Democrats accountable to standing up against the Trump administration and Republican-controlled Congress’ unconstitutional policies, including the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. Representative Courtney has been hearing about the #RightToBoycott from heavy hitters in the progressive movement like the ACLU, Amnesty International, and CREEDO and now he needs to hear from you that you refuse to see your right to free speech curtailed.

Email Rep. Courtney right now to defend your free speech and oppose the criminalization of the grassroots boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rightsAfter you email, take 60 seconds to call Rep. Courtney at (202) 225-2076 and tell him to take his name off of the Israel Anti-Boycott Act.

Thank you for raising your voice! Together, we can win.


Government Affairs Associate

P.S. To lend your social media power to the cause, share and tweet the campaign. Look at our social media tomorrow for an exciting compilation video of activists dominating the floor at Rep. Courtney’s town hall.