Together We Rise: Palestine As Model of Resistance

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Track 1: “Not That Complicated”101 information and resources to understand Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people and how it relates to U.S. colonialism and racism.

  • June 5-10: Resources and days of action commemorating 50 years of occupation
  • New web sections on the U.S.-Israeli alliance, refugees, Gaza, 48 Palestinians, prisoners, Jerusalem, and much more.

Track 2: “Freedom Bound: Lessons Learned Resisting Zionism & White Supremacy”What can we learn from Palestinian, Black, Latinx, indigenous, and other freedom struggles that continue today, and how can we apply those lessons in this political moment?

  • June 20: Webinar on Refugee Day connecting Israel’s 70-year refugee ban with Trump’s Muslim/Arab Ban
  • August 9: On the anniversary of the Ferguson Uprising, “Myth of Citizenship” theme connecting BlackLivesMatter, 48 Palestinians, and other state violence
  • Nov 9: International Day of Action Against the Wall connecting 15 years of Palestinian resistance to Israel’s wall with communities fighting the U.S. wall on the Mexican border

Track 3: “Together We Rise”Skills-building, trainings, new resources and more to fight for justice from the U.S. to Palestine.

  • Late August: Anti-racism training track begins
  • Trainings on coalition-building, organizing, action-planning, research, and more