Join the National March on Washington for Palestine + Week of Action


This week, you can take part in the historic National March on Washington for Palestine on Saturday, November 4 at 2 PM.

Palestinian people in Gaza are living through a brutal genocide, and over 8,000 Palestinians have already been martyred by Israel’s assault on the besieged Gaza Strip this month.

Every year, the U.S. government writes a blank check for $3.8 billion to fund Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people. Your U.S. tax dollars directly fund the destruction of Palestinian homes, the construction of Israeli settlements, and the carpet bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Through massive protests of hundreds of thousands of people around the world, the people have made it clear that they stand with the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

Now more than ever, people of conscience must apply pressure to meet Palestinian demands: an immediate ceasefire, lifting the siege on Gaza, and ending all U.S. military funding to Israel.

Join the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, Palestinian Youth Movement, US Palestinian Community Network, and over 300 other organizations in DC this Saturday, November 4th to pressure Biden to end the genocide in Gaza.



  • Post on your personal and organizational social media!
  • Flyer your neighborhoods!
  • Send personal emails and make calls to your membership and community!

Find downloadable graphics and flyers here.



  • If your organization can help contribute to the costs required to host this march, for sound, stage, and other logistical needs, write to us!

With your support, together we can mobilize the largest action for Palestine in decades. Let’s make sure Biden knows that he does not have our consent to fuel genocide, and that the people want to see a free Palestine now!


Palestinian people on the ground are asking us to apply as much pressure on Congress as possible for a CEASEFIRE NOW. That looks like:

  1. Emailing Congress every day
  2. Calling Congress every day
  3. PROTESTING in the streets and at Congress offices in massive numbers

Find more information in our updated Stop Gaza Genocide toolkit.

Two thirds of voters support a ceasefire according to a recent Data for Progress poll, and together we must raise our voices louder than ever.

This coming week, you can do that by participating in the #StopArmingIsrael Week of Action for Gaza.

  1. In-district actions: Hold a local demonstration to pressure members of Congress ASAP, Oct. 30-Nov. 4, when representatives will be in their home districts.
  2. DC actions and advocacy: Ahead of the National March on Washington, organize a team to take strategic collective action in DC. Arrive Thursday, Nov. 2. Take action Friday, Nov. 3. Via your organization, you can connect to a network of trainers to coordinate.
  3. National March on Washington: Free Palestine! Saturday, Nov. 4, 2 PM at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC. This is expected to be a historic march.

Become an amplifier. Sign up to receive SMS texts with digital actions you can take this week.

Don’t stop. Keep going. Keep fighting until Palestine is free.