Join HP JerusaLens Twitter Storm!


Hewlett-Packard (HP) is currently sponsoring the “JerusaLens Jerusalem Photo Challenge,” a contest that is co-sponsored by three Israeli government ministries and is clearly part of the Israeli government’s “Brand Israel” campaign to whitewash its 50 years of military occupation in East Jerusalem and its ongoing violations of Palestinian rights throughout the city! While the photo contest seeks to show “Jerusalem’s awe-inspiring beauty” and “mix of cultures and religions,” the truth is that there is nothing beautiful about Israeli apartheid and the ongoing dispossession of the Palestinian people living in Jerusalem.

Please join the International Boycott HP Network in sending a strong message to HP and contest participants. Let them know that conscientious people around the world object to HP and JerusaLens’ efforts to whitewash Israeli crimes in Jerusalem and will continue to pressure HP until the company ends its complicity with Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights and international law.

This Thursday, March 16, tweet messages calling on HP to end its contracts with the Israeli government and military as these are responsible for ongoing human rights abuses, occupation, and apartheid. Also tweet to demand that HP stop sponsoring events like the Jerusalens photo contest designed to cover-up Israel’s ongoing violations of Palestinian rights.

Sample Tweets are below. Click on each to automatically send from your account. Tweet them alongside the two images below. Please use the hashtags #Jerusalens and #BoycottHP and @HP.



Shame on @HP for helping Israel celebrate 50 years of illegally occupying East Jerusalem #Jerusalens #BoycottHP #BDS

.@HP not only helps Israel obstruct Palestinian access to Jerusalem, now it’s covering-up Israel’s brutal policies #Jerusalens #BoycottHP

.@HP sponsorship of #Jerusalens conceals the 200,000 Israeli settlers living in East Jerusalem on land stolen from Palestinians #BoycottHP

.@HP sponsorship of #Jerusalens conceals 15,000+ Palestinians who’ve had their residency revoked by Israel to “Judaize” non-Jewish areas

The #Jerusalens @HP doesn’t want you to see: (photos of home demolitions, the wall, checkpoints) #BoycottHP #BDS

.@HP sponsors #Jerusalens photo contest to show you pretty pictures of Jerusalem, but #IsraeliApartheid is not pretty #BDS #BoycottHP

.@HP sponsors #Jerusalens to show you pretty pictures of Jerusalem, but Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem isn’t pretty

.@HP sponsors #Jerusalens to show you pretty pictures of Jerusalem, but the Israeli occupation of E. Jerusalem is anything but pretty #BD