How to disrupt while Congress is on holiday recess

Ways to take action during the holidays

By Ahmad Abuznaid, USCPR Executive Director

While Congress has left for a holiday recess, celebrating in the comfort of their homes, Christmas is canceled in Bethlehem.

For the Palestinian people, there is no joy during genocide. All across the world, we are mourning. We cannot celebrate or move on as usual while Israel is brutally killing, starving, and displacing our people in Gaza.

Nor should there be any joy for politicians who have blood on their hands—for Genocide Joe’s administration as they block a ceasefire at the UN, and for all the members of Congress who have not yet called for a ceasefire. They are complicit in every atrocity of this horrific genocide.

On Tuesday, I got arrested on Capitol Hill for protesting the genocide of my people, along with 60 fellow movement leaders. Now that we’ve been released, this is my message to you: 


Wherever you are this next week, you can refuse to normalize U.S.-funded genocide. Take every opportunity you can to disrupt.

Here are some ideas:

    1. Birddog: Find out where your Congressmember will be, and approach them with your questions and demands on camera.
    2. Disrupt holiday celebrations: Protest, pass out flyers, or go ceasefire caroling at a visible location.
    3. Boycott: Raise awareness with BDS stickers and flyers.
    4. Wheatpaste: Get out your message by wheatpasting flyers (with water + flour mixture boiled).
    5. Send a big message: Drop a banner in a visible location, or broadcast a light projection with your message at night.
    6. Mobilize your family gathering: Bring pre-addressed letters and envelopes, and invite everyone to write letters to their elected officials.
    7. Mobilize a social media storm: Pick a date/time for a social media storm targeting your Congressmember, and flood their feeds with your demands.
    8. Hold a vigil for Gaza: Mourn and pray to honor our Palestinian martyrs killed. Close by taking action together.

    You can find instructions and creative ideas for all these actions in the Stop Gaza Genocide toolkit, which we’re constantly updating in real time.

    Share these ideas with your friends using these Instagram graphics.

    Lastly, if you’re in the U.S., keep up the pressure on Congress by sending an email. They need to hear from us every day during their holiday recess!

    Let’s keep pushing until Palestine is free.

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    Ahmad Abuznaid is the Executive Director of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.