How to Defend Masafer Yatta Now, As Biden Prepares to Cozy Up to Apartheid

Protest image reading Defend Masafer Yatta: Stop the Israeli government from destroying Palestinian homes

Right now, the Israeli government is violently forcing out 1,300 Palestinian people in Masafer Yatta from their homes one by one, in the largest expulsion since 1967. These native Palestinian people have existed on this land for generations upon generations, and they’re determined to remain on their homeland. You can answer their call to resist in solidarity and #DefendMasaferYatta! Take action below.

1. Contact Congress Now

Starting July 13, President Biden is heading out on a war crimes tour to Israel and Saudi Arabia, where he’ll be cozying up to apartheid and authoritarian regimes, making deals with dictators, and placing the lives of Palestinians and Yemenis at risk.

By shaking hands with Israeli government leaders, Biden is greenlighting Israel’s mass destruction of 1,300 Palestinians’ homes in Masafer Yatta. He has the power to stop funding weapons to Israel and Saudi Arabia, and has instead chosen complicity in these ongoing war crimes, so we need to push Congress to take action and force his hand.

Take action: Email Congress now to condemn Biden’s trip and defend Masafer Yatta!

Done emailing? You can also take action by calling Congress with this JVP Action tool.

2. Raise Your Voice on Social Media

Join the #DefendMasaferYatta Twitterstorm to call out Biden for his complicity and amplify the demand for justice in Masafer Yatta! Click here to access the social media toolkit. The Twitterstorm will take place on Thursday, July 14th, 2022 at 12 PM ET/7 PM Palestine time.

You can also use Palestinian Youth Movement’s previous social media toolkit here.

3. Share These Resources

You can share these graphics and videos to raise awareness about Masafer Yatta on your social media platforms.

Political Education Graphics

Defend Masafer Yatta Video

Download the video here.


Instagram Live Videos

Hear updates directly from activists from Masafer Yatta and analysts! Watch our Instagram Lives with Rabet by PIPD and the Palestinian Youth Movement.