Hilton Hotel Capitulates to Hate, Cancels Palestinian Voices

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Houston, TX | www.uscpr.org | October 18, 2023 – Yesterday, the Hilton Houston Post Oak Hotel, capitulating to external pressure from hate groups, unilaterally canceled the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights’s (USCPR) upcoming conference. The cancellation was made with very little notice or advanced warning. Our experience is not an isolated incident. Across the country we have seen a concerted effort to vilify and silence anyone who speaks up for Palestinian human rights. 

USCPR Executive Director Ahmad Abuznaid said, “The breach by Hilton is clearly an act of ethnic, racial and religious discrimination. Further, canceling the conference because of our organization’s political positions goes against our First Amendment rights. Not only has Hilton breached their agreement with us, they have also sent a strong message that they stand on the side of hate and bigotry. Moving forward we will explore all options to remedy this. We will fight back and remain undeterred in our mission to advocate for justice, equality, and self-determination for the Palestinian people.”

Following the breach by Hilton, an alarming tweet by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, which attacked our organizers, and dehumanized Palestinians, put our staff, volunteers, and participants in harm’s way. The Governor’s rhetoric, and actions by the hotel echo and inflame the sharp increase in hate incidents that are targeting Arabs, rhetoric that led to the murder of 6-year-old Wadie Al Fayoume.

We stand with countless others who have been subjected to similar unjust actions in the past. Such incidents remind us that we must persist in our efforts to shed light on the ongoing human rights abuses in Palestine and the need for international intervention.

Together, we will continue our efforts to bring about a world where justice, equality, and peace prevail.