From a historic march to a liberated future

March 600

Photos by Nushrat Nur

On Saturday, we took to the streets of Washington DC with over 300,000 people for the biggest march supporting Palestinian human rights in U.S. history.

Together, we marched for justice, for liberation, and for a future where the Palestinian people live free in our ancestral homeland. A future where we’re all free.

Photos by Nushrat Nur

We know you’re in this fight for the long haul: first, for an immediate ceasefire; next, for an end to U.S. military funding to Israel’s violence; and finally, for a free Palestine.

To get there, we’re asking you: Will you commit to taking action day by day in this continual fight for justice?

Here’s what you can do:

1. Email Congress right now—and keep emailing every day.

2. Keep protesting! Check out protests in your area.

3. Sign up for SMS live updates for more action steps you can take in real time.

This is the moment to pour in all the energy you have.

As of today, Nov. 7, the Israeli military has been relentlessly bombing Gaza for one month, killing over 10,000 Palestinian people. Over 2 million Palestinians living in Gaza have been losing access to food, clean drinking water, medical supplies, and fuel, as Israel blocks aid from entering.

Right now, Congress is feeling the pressure of your 71,000+ phone calls and 111,000+ emails (sent through USCPR action tools alone as of Nov. 7, 2023). 

Hold them accountable. Email now, and keep emailing every day! 

Saturday’s National March on Washington was a historic event demonstrating our people power. Protesters from across the country drove in for hours, took group charter buses, or flew in to march to the White House.

Let’s show Congress what our people power can do. Keep up the pressure, and keep taking action through SMS live updates.