The Discourse on Palestine Is Shifting. Will Concrete Policy Changes Follow?


Coverage in In These Times of USCPR’s 2018 national conference, Together We Rise, and how it demonstrated a profound shift in U.S. discourse on Palestine. Author Phyllis Bennis writes:

“Even as Washington churned through a miasma of Brett Kavanaugh lies and horror, a different kind of history was being written more than a thousand miles west. For all who doubted whether the public and political discourse on Palestine and Israel has changed at all, the keynote speakers at the national conference of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights in St. Paul, Minnesota proved them wrong.

Certainly, much of the conversation is still dangerously one-sided, too often uncritically supportive of Israel. U.S. policy has gotten worse, much worse, in the last two years. And we know that U.S. democracy is so flawed, so broken, that changing public opinion does not guarantee a shift in actual political decision-making.”

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