Resist their walls, from Palestine to Mexico


Last January, “from Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have to go!” rang through airports across the country as protesters mobilized against the Muslim ban. President Trump held up Israel’s apartheid wall as a model for expanding the US/Mexico border wall, cheered on by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The connections between Netanyahu and Trump are crystal clear, as are the connections between resistance to walls from the US to Palestine.

That’s why the US Campaign is helping send a delegation of activists resisting the US/Mexico border wall to Palestine. They will build connections, solidarity, and joint resistance with Palestinians resisting Israel’s apartheid wall. We need your help to send them on this trip.

This critical exchange – of people, ideas, and resistance — needs $23,000 to happen. Please make a gift in the spirit of joint struggle:

  • $50 will cover one day of meals for one delegate
  • $150 will cover transportation (minivan rental) for one day
  • $500 will cover gas and cell phone cards for the entire trip
  • $1,000-$1,500 will cover airfare for one delegate

We are organizing this delegation in partnership with Corsopal, Observatorio de Derechos Humanos de los Pueblos, Stop the Wall, the BDS National Committee, American Friends Service Committee, and Global Exchange. Each group is raising what they can, and we need your help to make this delegation a reality.

Our commitment to collective liberation is stronger than any wall. There is hard work ahead, and we must continue to identify the connections between struggles and build relationships to fight for the world we want together.

Thank you for whatever you are able to give, no matter how much.

P.S. After you’ve given what you can, tell your friends about this inspiring delegation by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.